Open NFT Metaverse

Rumble Worlds is a metaverse, mash-up game that brings together everyone's favourite party games and NFT collections to the Solana blockchain.

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Rumble Worlds is an open metaverse for all your favorite NFTs

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Available game-ready NFTs in Rumble Worlds

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Explore Lands

Travel across tokenized player owned lands that hosts events and player built games for endless amounts of community built fun!

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Play to Earn

The gameplay economy will be driven by our utility token Rumble Coin ($RUMB). From participating in games, creating new games to completing missions, there will be countless play to earn mechanics in-game.

Trade NFTs

Buy and sell almost everything you see in Rumble Worlds. From characters, add-ons, LANDs, games, buildings etc. 

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Partcipate in Events

Join events within the metaverse that are organized by you or other players.




What NFTs will be Launched?

We are launching native collections for Rumble Worlds such as characters, add-ons and Lands. Sneak peak into the Gensis Rumblers NFT concept arts:

Where is the Whitepaper & Roadmap?

Its coming soon!

Can I battle other NFTs in the game?

Yup! You will be able to!

What's so different about Rumble Worlds and other Sandbox games?

Rumble Worlds's DAO, player economy, great graphics and powerful creator tools will be some of the many unique aspects about the game. Players will also have a wide variety of new opportunities to govern major aspects of the metaverse's economy. We will have more information as we explore more feasibilities of the gameplay and economic integrations.

How can I play with my old NFTs in Rumble Worlds?

If your collection is supported by Rumble Worlds, we will have a game-ready version of your NFT inside the game. You will be able to access it on login. More details coming soon...

Will we be waiting ages to play such a big game?

No, we have a strategic roadmap to get a playable beta out asap.

What platforms will Rumble Worlds support?

What we have announced so far is we are working on a PC version. Stay tuned for announcements about other platforms.

What are the play to earn mechanics?

So far what we can publicly mention is that players can earn by: - Trading NFTs - Staking Rumble Coin - Participating in games - Building games and way more...


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Coming Soon!

NFT Drop


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